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She's Whiskey in a Teacup

Hello! Let me start by saying how incredibly thankful I am that you're here-on MY page. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I am still in awe that my dream has become a reality.


My Story

Even though I'm in my prime and should have this whole drinking thing down (insert winky face) I never hopped on the band wagon of wild Saturday nights. In fact, my first bartending job was an accident. Yes, an accident. In 2019 I moved to Priest Lake to work a seasonal job as a hostess. My first day of training they sent me to the bar. Not just to the bar, but behind it. My palette consists of Coors Light and Bloody Mary's so you can only imagine how difficult this was for me. After that summer I swore I would never be behind a bar again. Instead, I would stick to what I know and love and that is coffee. Having managed many coffee stands in Sandpoint, I knew this is where my passion lies. 

Bless my young, naïve mind for thinking I never wanted to make another drink again. I mean technically I'm not behind a bar, I'm in a horse trailer right?! In 2022 when I started The Typsy Gypsy, I was just a mobile bar and I told myself one day I would be a mobile bar AND coffee company. I had no idea it would become a reality so quick but I am eternally grateful that it has!


To say I love what I do would be an understatement. By the time your wedding day, or special event, comes I don't want to be just a vendor-I want to be your friend. I will be there for you from the start of your planning all the way to the date of your event. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for allowing my dream to be a reality. 



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