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How We Work

The Typsy Gypsy is a mobile bar and coffee company for hire serving Sandpoint and the surrounding areas. According to Idaho law, mobile bars are unable to apply for liquor licenses. This means that we provide everything* except the alcohol. We know not all events are the same, so we offer a variety of packages specific to your event. Each package allows you to customize your menu to what works best for you and your budget. We want to make this as easy and cost efficient as possible, so we have our customers purchase all alcohol, avoiding any upcharges, and allowing you to keep any extra alcohol that may be left. 

*Please see under 'Packages' what all is included

The trailer is equipped with a dual tap kegerator. As much as we wish we could fit two full size kegs, our kegerator has the capacity to hold one 1/2 barrel (full size) keg, two 1/6 barrel kegs, or a 1/6 barrel and 1/4 slim barrel. 

What do we need from you? Power is requested ideally within 60 feet. Other than that, all we expect from you is for you to be ready to have a good time!

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